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Ayurveda is the ancient traditional healing system of India. More than 5,000 years old, Ayurveda is the science of developing health, vitality and harmony within our body and environment. Ayurveda teaches how to keep the physical body healthy, and how this health relates to our spiritual journey. The results of diagnostic procedures, such as mind-body typing (vata, pitta, kapha) and pulse analysis, are employed to develop an optimized lifestyle of dietary habits, herbal supplements and physical and meditative practices

"Ayur" means life and "Ved" means knowledge. This holistic science is the knowledge of complete balance of the Body, Mind and spirit, including the emotions and psychology, on all levels. It includes in its consideration, longevity, rejuvenation and self-realization therapies through herbs, diet, exercise, yoga, massage, aromas, tantras, mantras, and meditation. According to Ayurvedic tradition health is the balance of elements earth, water, fire, air and space and illness is as excess or deficiency of any particular element. Ayurveda treats illness at its source, rather than at the level of symptoms, and helps an individual to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.


  • According to ayurveda each individual is a combination of the three doshas of vata, pitta and kapha or one of these doshas. The basic constitution represents the individual's psychological and physical nature, distinctly. The tridoshas governs all metabolic activities in an individual. Within each person the doshas are adjusting to countless changes in the doshas of nature, in addition to the changes within one self.

  • Noninvasive diagnostic ayurvedic treatments are beneficial for chronic patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments and cancer. Ayurvedic medicine resorts to outward diagnosis of symptoms by studying a patients' habitsódiet and daily life, pulse, tongue, nail, face, lip, eye, nature of perspiration etc. Difficult diseases like asthma and tumor growths (gulmas) are managed effectively by these diagnostic methods.

  • Detoxification methods of ayurveda like panchakarma and other herbal health remedies, when applied wholly or singly, make the body more responsive to medicines and treatment. It hastens the healing process.

  • Various yogasanas prescribed by ayurveda help prevent the diseases from occuring and accumulating. Yogasanas achieve the twin purpose of strengthening body-parts such as bones, muscle and vital organs like heart, liver, stomach, intestine as well as keeping our blood circulation and psychological conditions strong and resilient.

  • Most importantly, a discerning diet according to one's dosha type, and well-regulated life (dinacharya) helps strengthen one's natural immune system


  • Various advanced ayurvedic treatments were born out of a necessity to keep the mind and body in perfect shapes to pursue the path of self-realization. Each individual is believed to possess undefined measures of creative capability, which, ideally, need to be realized. To achieve this, ayurveda emphasizes that the individual has to experience its oneness with the universe. The balance of tri-doshas and tri-gunas is imperative in this regard, for the individual needs to remain in balance within itself and in harmony outside with the nature.

  • The treatment methods, diet and lifestyle regimen in ayurveda are meticulously planned to heal the body as well as enrich the mind and the soul of each different individual. So that each can improve from their own levels to the higher goal of realizing the full self-potential. It was with ayurveda that the unique longevity and rejuvenating method of rasayana was born for mankind to progress in the path of spirituality.


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