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      Name  :     Dr. Prakash R. Joshi
      Address  :     A-104, Kaveri Apartments, Mithanagar,
M.G.Road, Goregaon - West,
Mumbai - 400062.
      Telephone Numbers  :     (91 - 022) 28777951

Mobile Numbers


09833012489 / 09892150879 / 9167265389
      E-Mail  :     drprakash1957@rediffmail.com
      Educational Qualifications  :    
* Passed B.A.M.S.(Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) from Mittal Ayurvedic College, Mumbai 1981.
* M.D. (Naturopathy), B.L.C.(Yoga).
      Awards  :     Gold Medalist
      Work Experience  :     Practising as a General Physician in Mumbai, Since 1983
      Astrological Degrees  :    
* Jyotish - Bhushan.
* Jyotish - Mahamahopadhyaya.
* Jyotirgyata.
      Awards  :     Gold Medalist
      Author  :     Author Of Research Articles In Several Magazines.
      Founder Member  :     Himgiri Spiritual Research & Training Centre.
      Specialization  :     Body, Mind, Soul Healing, Unique Stress Management Discourses & Arranged Workshops.
      Lecturer  :    
Invitee Lecturer At Lion's, Jaycee's, Rotary, Gaints Club, Colleges & Corporate Sectors.
Conducted Spiritual Tour on Body, Mind & Soul All Over India & Abroad.
Delivered Lecturers on Medical Palmistry with Power Point projection.
Delivered Lecturers in Corporate Companies like Air India, Mahindra British Telecom, Maharashtra Chambers Of Commerce
      Research  :     Performing Research In Faith Healing & Divine Elements All Over The Body.

Presented Research Papers In National & International Conferences & Seminars on various topics such as,

  "Yoga & Ayurveda"
  Guru - The Key To Scientific Humanism
  Business Ethics Solutions Of International Economy
  Wonderful Natural Law & Justice For One & All In Indian Philosophy
  Permanent Solution For Sensitive Nature & Emotional Cum Physical Disorders.
  The Problems of Democrates, Democracy and the wisdom of the Guru.
  The Genetic Engineering and the Spiritual Science.
  Inculcating virtues through Seva
  Guru & Gurukul type of Education : Best solution for all contemporary problems
  Practical Personality Transformation : True Experiences
  The Complete Guru : The Complete Spiritual Enlightenment
  Diet : Remedy for Mental & Physical Health

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