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From Australia. I Shruti Pednekar (nee Preeti Sawant) would like to testify that I have been completely cured of my long time hereditary migraine by Dr Prakash Josji's ayurvedic treatment. During my illness I suffered severe headaches leading to vomiting. The migraine run in my family on mothers side and the headaches usually triggered by working long time in sun, but the medicines and regular treatment not only gave instant relief but got rid of the illness completely. It is now over 20 years that I have never had migraine.
I give my consent to using my testimonial and photo for Dr Prakash's website.

Shruti Pednekar

Neha N. Israney (M.Sc., LPRI (UK), MSCET)
Head of the Department,
Plastics Engineering,
Shri Bhagubai Mafatlal Polytechnic,
Irla, Vile-Parle (W),
Mumbai. INDIA.

I hereby authorize Dr. Prakash Joshi to use my statement mentioned below, as a testimonial for his practice of Ayurveda.

"I was feeling dizzy and weak for a few days. I consulted my family physician and took allopathic medicine. Initially, for two days I felt better but after that my condition worsened. I consulted Dr. Prakash Joshi and started with the Ayurvedic treatment. To my surprise with the first three doses itself; I felt a world of difference. I am really surprised that Ayurvedic medicine can give such QUICK positive response, which is much contrary to what has been heard! Now, I have been taking the treatment for the past 15days and I feel almost completely normal and much energetic."

Neha N. Israney
Naren S. Israney (M.Sc., D.H.E.,D.F.M, DCPA(UK), FICCE)
(Ex-Vice Principal)
Physical & Analytical Chemistry
R.D.National college, Bandra(W).
Mumbai. INDIA

I was suffering from chronic indigestion and acidity. I was taking homoeopathic treatment for the same. Sometimes I used to feet better but I was not fully satisfied because of continuous re-occurrences. I consulted Dr. Prakash Joshi & took his Ayurvedic Treatment for about three months. Now I am much better with hardly any re-occurrences.

I hereby authorize Dr. Prakash Joshi to use my statement mentioned above, as a testimonial for his practice of Ayurveda.

Naren S. Israney
Prof.(Dr.) S. M. Israney (M.A., D.H.E., Ph.D.)
Ex-Founder Principal
Vivekananda College, Chembur.
Visiting Faculty,

"I was not able to walk for a longer distance.I used to feel breathless & discomfort. I consulted a Heart Specialist. I was diagnosed as having more than 40-60% coronary blockage with calcium deposits and was advised to get admitted for angioplasty. I refused and instead consulted Dr. Prakash Joshi. He gave me a cream formulated by him, for local application and oral medicine. Within 72 hours i got great relief in chest pain, breathlessness & fatigue then within 15 days of treatment I felt much better. After 15 Days i could travel for 1 hour upto Mumbai university and also i could deliver a lecture without any problem. I have now been taking his treatment for about a year to improve my metabolism so that the food would get completely digested and that it should not get converted into colestrol or calcium, and presently I feel still better & energetic. Now I am able to walk for a longer distance without any problem."

I hereby authorize Dr. Prakash Joshi to use my statement mentioned above, as a testimonial for his practice of Ayurveda

S. M. Israney
I Surendra Singh was being troubled by extreme sinus. I could not sleep the whole of nights for about 4 years, I used to sneeze the whole night and would suffer from severe headaches and continuous coughing disturbing my complete schedules of the day. My life had become miserable until I visited Dr. Prakash Joshi, under whose guidance and ayurvedic treatment course of 6 months I was completely relieved from my sinus.

I am very grateful to Dr. Prakash Joshi.

I would like to recommend people suffering from the same condition to Dr. Prakash Joshi for their treatment.

Thank You
Surendra Singh

Bhayander (W). Thane

Surendra Singh
I am Chirag Vyas , Age 33 ,staying in Goregaon,Mumbai,INDIA. One year back ,I was Suffering from Mucus collities with ulcer in stomach. I tried Allopathy Medicines but it was not fruitful.

I was unable to swallow normal food as it was giving buring sensation in food pipe and stomach immediately after swallowing.

My Height is 5'7" & weight was 58 Kgs. My body was thin and below average.

Dr.Praksh Joshi diagonsed my problems without the help of any X Rays,Sonography and started my treatment with Ayurvedic Medicines.

I have strictly followed the Diet suggested by Dr.Praksh Joshi and it took about 2.5 months to get completley cured.

After 2.5 months i was able to eat normal food without any burning sensations. Dr.Praksh Joshi suggested me to continue the medicines regularly for Eight months so that the problem can not re-occure.

At present I am eating all Outside spicy foods without any problem and moreover, Dr.Joshi gave me such a wonderful medicines which helped me to gain weight. I am weighing 68 Kgs now and on an average i gained 1 Kg per month.

I am very grateful to Dr.Praksh Joshi.

I hereby give my consent to display the above information on the Website of Dr.Prakash Joshi.

Chirag Vyas
B.Tech, Chemical Engineering

Chirag Vyas

Chirag Vyas after Treatment
Chirag Vyas
I Daljit Singh Kabo residing in Bhayandar, would like to share my experience with you. I was suffering from some Reaction from an allopathy medicine, in which I was feeling a stretch in my nerves, I had a very bad backache and could not even walk for about 10 meters as I would feel very giddy. Just then I met Dr. Prakash Joshi who cured me completely with his ayurvedic medicines in not more than a week.

I have no objection as what so ever for putting up this testimonial on the web or any other circulation media.


Daljit Singh Kabo

Daljit Singh Kabo
Divyen Vyas a 5 years old boy from Goregaon,Mumbai,INDIA was not eating properly. He was rarely asking for the food and was having lack of appetite.

Dr.Prakash Joshi diagonsed that he is having worms in stomach. Dr.Joshi gave the medicines which are very easy to give it to the kid of 5 years as my child is not fond of taking syrups and crushed tablets of alloapathy. The medicine worked as miracle and from the very second day my son's appetite was improved and he started eating regulary.

Besided this,He was having prikly heat on face, forehead and in neck.Dr.Prakash Joshi gave the medicine and cured it in within 2 days.

My Niece , Ami Gor,8 years old was having similar problems of lack of appetite and bed wetting problems. I recommended them to have treatment from Dr.Prakash Joshi and they took the medicines and she was cured.

I am very grateful to Dr.Praksh Joshi.

I hereby give my consent to display the above information on the Website of Dr.Prakash Joshi.

Chirag Vyas
B.Tech, Chemical Engineering

Divyen Vyas

I am a business man from Pune India and was suffering from Parkinson i.e. Left hand was trumbling. which got cured after Dr. Joshi's ayurvedic treatment within 6 months that was 2 years ago, and there is no reoccurance.

Mahesh Bhansali

Since several years I had pain in all joints & entire body.I also had swelling in both the legs from knee to feet in both the legs.Moreover I also had high creatinine with problem in urination.All these complaints were cured within few months by Dr joshi's treatment.Also I lost 5kg weight which was a boon to me.

Mrs Sony Shetty


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